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I would like to put these three in order of relevance

1. Katie
2. Chantelle
3. Kerry

Katie Price is the winner as she seems to do other things, fashion, equestrian stuff and novels

The other two seem to do nothing, apart from have gossip columns which no one probably reads and if they do it's because they read the shite that the gossip column is published in so it's to be expected.

However, these two have won Big Brother, something Katie Price will never win, it's all very odd.

None of them are successful IMHO - especially Price. She has money - but she has mutilated her body and sold every last scrap of decency in order to get it - that's not success - that's desperation. As for her other stuff - it's all produced by other people and is a load of old tat.

All 3 of them are talentless, cheap, tacky and vulgar. As Blondie said, all 3 of them would sell their dirty knickers for a fee.

I would be ashamed and disgusted to be related to any of them.
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