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Aware of a bit of a difficulty here, the report admits that “the information has not been corroborated”. Corroboration would be “considered disproportionate”, it goes on, given that criminal proceedings cannot now be brought because Savile is dead. So all we have are claims. The report seeks to justify itself by saying that “the patterns and similarities” of his “offences and behaviours” reported have “given police and NSPCC staff an informed view that most people have provided compelling accounts of what happened to them”. So, it suggests, the rest of us must believe them.
Hmmm... so we're being asked to believe all the individual allegations/reports of assaults at the BBC, Duncroft & various hospitals/prisons, etc - but we shouldn't also believe the claims from former residents of childrens' homes who say that Savile abused them there along with other top celebs/politicians/policemen/judges/businessmen?
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