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I believe their still investigating the 'JS and others' claims, yesterdays report was the result of the first strand of Operation Yewtree, looking into allegations of offences committed by JS on his own, as thats now been completed - presumably they can't reveal evidence which may implicate those their building a profile of, if it might tip them off, they could flee before arrest or some such?. It makes me wonder if they wouldn't have been better delaying publishing yesterdays report until the 'and others' strand/investigation had been completed, so they may be able to give a more of a complete overall picture.

I find it quite frustrating if the report has still got people questioning if there's any truth to the allegations - do people really think that everyone lied about such things? or that their exaggerating, to try and get a few quid out of it? ugh its a shame that people should ever have to question such things...I hope they do somehow manage to find out anyone lying and seriously throw the book at them though, thats for sure, for the sake of all the genuine victims. One way or another, I'm of the opinion he was clearly quite a nasty (vindictive/manipulative) guy who seemed to have an attraction for underage girls and who was given free reign in places containing vulnerable people and barely questioned when he should have been - I think that much is pretty clear.


Well, we know that he frequented the childrens/boys' homes in North Wales & Jersey and the paedo-parties in London, where there were paedophile rings involved....

Seems just like yet another cover-up to me :-/
I presume any involvement in such rings will be investigated as part of the 'JS and others' investigation. I've seen one or two people/places (MWT/Sky? I cant remember for sure) claiming that there's still going to be quite a few revelations to come, so presumably they are still looking into things - hopefully its too early to be sure of any specific cover ups.
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