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Posts: 9,274 raise some very good points.

I think one of the problems is that, in this age of instantaneous information, people want instant results. Investigating crimes which took place over several decades with little collaborating evidence, is extremely difficult.

In many ways this is just the beginning of unravelling Savile and his actions, and the actions of those around him. Running around charging others just to appease a 'hungry' public who demand instant answers and actions, without putting together solid cases is dangerous.
Personally, I would rather the Police work methodically than bow to public pressure
Thank you. I can understand people wanting to see action taken now, especially knowing JS is dead, others who may have been involved in his actions may not be long of the world either and as the public, we'd like to see there be someone brought to justice over this whole scandal but its very important that they get it right - to accuse or charge someone who is innocent could ruin their career if their in the public eye as people will likely always wonder about their motives if they've heard that he/she may have had an involvement with JS's abuse.

Its a very serious topic and needs to be investigated thoroughly which takes time but I'd also rather wait and find out the full truth, as far as is possible, than have it all be a bit slap dash and only end up with a rough idea of potential complainants and have people say well thats all in the past and thats that (if you know what I mean?). I think its almost dangerous to think of this as some sort of purely historical one-off type case or to think that it could never happen again - thats the main question we have to wonder, could it? I hope not.

Lets find out as much as we can so we can work to improve things to help prevent anything similar from happening in the future - its not a waste of time as the guys dead, like some people have suggested, its called learning from past mistakes to hopefully create a better future, surely? get me sounding all
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