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Thats a worry, that somehow people in power can afford legal representation that can stall charges etc., or that they can make victims believe thats the case, that they have the power to inflict enough on them to stop them from pursuing such a case. It must take an awful lot of courage to take on someone well known in the entertainment business, known to have millions, with a big fanbase and contacts I don't know if I could have done it if it were me... I guess the concern is the presence of corruption at certain levels - *if* the police were paid off (Im not saying they were, I wouldn't know), who is going to discover and reveal that? that might be a bit paranoid but im suspicious of the talk he made about having contacts and being able to help friends if they need something 'got rid of' and all of that sort of talk... its probably more likely he knew little bits of things here and there and would threaten to reveal, if it would put staff in trouble if they passed something on, it would make them think twice about it?. I seem to remember an interview with someone at one of the hospitals saying he would have lost his job if he reported something he saw because JS threatened to get him fired if he made an official complaint and he had a family and obviously they were dependent on him, so he felt relunctantly he had to stay quiet.
If you haven't already read it, have a read of Stuart Syvret's excellent post on the currency of collusion and how and why it is that people get caught up in things they moreoften than not never intended to, and realise, too late, that they have effectively been gagged.
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