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The sad thing is that people like JS get away with what they do because others let them. He was pathologically geared towards doing exactly what he wanted without thought or conscience for anyone else. He was manipulative, completely driven by his personal whims and believed that the world was there to revolve around him. Most people aren't like that and don't think/ behave that way because they're not so intrinsically warped. I think that most (not all) people who get into positions of high power (in business and politics, for example) do so because they have a ruthless and self-serving streak which enables them to put the needs of others secondary to their own aims and goals. He was one of the worst examples because he had the 'chari-dee' twist and used it to his advantage. He would ingratiate himself with certain high profile people and very likely called in favours when he got under their skins.

Sadly, I don't blame DS for closing the pre-death Savile threads. It's just a shame that not enough people and organizations were brave enough to 'join the dots' and bring him to justice before he died. Even so, that wouldn't have been the 'job' of DS because it's not that kind of website. The best the mods could have done is passed some of the forum comments on to the authorities for closer investigation....but that could have but specific FMs at risk of prosecution for reasons we already know. Lots of the comments were speculative, anecdotal and non-specific, making such an investigation a bit pointless even though they were later shown to be accurate.

My uncle is convinced that JS was complicit in his own death because he knew the net was closing. Getting older and frailer, he no longer had the clout that he once flouted. All we can do is make sure that nobody like him is ever allowed to get away with the same again.
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