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I didn't know he was rumoured to be gay! Mind you, every man and his dog is thought to be secretly gay nowadays!

I still think it might be Renée Zellweger. I remember reading a couple of articles about her and her 'new' boyfriend last month, though I'm not sure if they started dating in November or before that.
Oh he's got form, apparently.

Re Renee, it's an interesting guess but I think they've been together a bit longer than that and he seems like a nice guy with his own career etc so not sure it really fits with the OP's description of the man...? I kind of got the impression that it's who he is that will surprise people, ie. that it's a very unlikely match...?

Anyway, I guess we'll find out as if it's a big deal, then the gossip sites will have it in no time!
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