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I don't understand your compelete lack of sympathy of someone who sexually abused. Put yourself in their places for a minute, is that hard? I can tell you (and that's for sure) there are way, way more men who get away with sexual crimes than those falsely accused.
I've had a hard think about how I might feel now if I had ever met Jimmy Savile, and its hard to admit it but I honestly think I might consider saying he 'abused' me. It wouldn't be hard to ring up these NAPAC people and tell them 'my tale'. It would be completely anonymous so none of my friends or family would need to know. Then these solicitors would get me signed up to a conditional fee agreement and pop me along to their tame psychologist who would state I'd been injured. I could then just wait to see what happened and if some money eventually arrived. I could ease my guilt by telling myself that my claim wouldn't make much difference given all the others that were going on. And its not like I'd be hurting JS himself.
I'd be able to tell the story ok because I could draw upon my memory of when I did actually get raped once, a long time ago, by a completely unknown, non-rich person.
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