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Well, you could say that Ryan Moloney- reduced now to appearing with Claire from Steps.

Doesn't abode well for the actors playing Karl and Susan, then, although Alan Fletcher did Soapstar Superstar so he knows the work he'll get in the UK.

As for Jackie Woodburne, appearing with Tamara Beckwith and zeleb nonentities awaits rather than a role in Silent Witness, a Bond film, a role in a US TV series or a Our Friends In the North-style drama- a sad shame for her, but she must know, like Alan and Ryan, the risks of staying with the soap for so long. How she'd wished she had done a Chris Eccleston like he did with Cracker and got out before people saw her as just Julie Egbert/Susan Kennedy, because that's the 2 memorable roles she's done.
Sorry, you've lost me.

Who are Karl and Susan and what have they got to do with the price of fish?
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