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Well, we know that he frequented the childrens/boys' homes in North Wales & Jersey and the paedo-parties in London, where there were paedophile rings involved....

Seems just like yet another cover-up to me :-/
I think these accusations would be in "Savile and Others" file. By the way, did Savile's nephew, Guy Marsden, went to the police with this important info, or he only went to the papers? Why was he singing praises in interviews when Savile died? He didn't need to talk. It seems he got along with his uncle. I'm surely wouldn't get along with a man who took me to sick parties when I was a child and was procurer of children for celebrities. I'm sure I wouldn't want to talk to him ever again. Do we know anything about his nephew? It looks he likes to talk to the press . I wonder if the "names" he has are of people who already died.

As for North Wales home, why Savile's name didn't appear in the original investigation? If he was a "regular" visitor, his name would have appeared.

I'm not sure if any of these accusations bear any weight. Jersey's ones does, but I'm not sure aboute these ones.

I'm more and more cynical about this whole affair and, since the report was published, even more suspicious about some accusations. I can easily count now the ones I believe (the first ones). The report said there is an accusation of someone saying he sexually assaulted a 12 year old boy and his two female friends at TOTP. Didn't the age for appearing at TOTP was 12? He may have attacked them outside the premises, though. The thing I'm positive about Savile is that he was unhealthly attracted to teenage girls and sexually abused some of them. I'm almost positive Savile had "mates" who shared his predilections and that he possibly may have been part of rings. But the police must investigate carefully these type of things. I think they didn't want to precipitate things with uncorraborated info and fuel false accusations and conspiracy theorists around.
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