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There was actually a CDAN blind a while ago about a young famous woman who doesn't like sex, and puts a stop to it as soon as possible, which is why the men don't stay around. A lot of people guessed it was Taylor. It was mentioned on here.

Of course you have to take the CDAN blind items with a few buckets of salt
tbh: I don't really believe in gossip.
It's either PR from the artists, or made up stuff by gossip columnists IMHO. It's very hard to know how much is true, but I would say 10 to 20% maybe? I've always thought that the columnists spread gossip that even contradicts itself just to cover all angles, so they can seem to have been partly right LOL

Blind items are even more NOT bound to the laws of reality because no names are even attached to them. Maybe some of them are true, but I remain skeptik.
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