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maybe she wants to work but her family still want to protect her so they are finding a way to allow her to do that? but i do think there is always a sadness in her eyes
people always say that about her eyes i mean when she is performing like when she was on the Femme Fatale tour and even circus tour you saw the fire there but in other pics like in public it shows.

Its nothing bad but maybe she just sick of the media taking pictures where ever she goes i mean even though her life aint as crazy like back in 07 she still gets a load of paps following her every move.

She loves her music there is no denying that i think she will never give up music its part of her and its been part of her since she was a little girl.

I just hate when people call her a waste etc thats not nice shes a bloody human she is just like the rest of us and some people forget that.

I love her though no matter what
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