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In fairness Izzy, that case was always going to be very difficult to prove in a court of law. He may well have groped them but how could anyone prove it? He was already in physical contact with them (quite legally) in a swimming pool.
Right enough, I was wondering about that...I suppose there are guidelines about that sort of thing for people who work as swimming instructors(?). That is a difficult role to carry out without risking accidentally touching someone if a set of circumstances developed I suppose, if someone started struggling and they had to pull them out of the water or something?.

I used to have swimming lessons at a college campus as a child and I ended up hating this young boy because he took me out to the deep end and ended up letting go of my hand - I still couldn't swim and thought I was a goner lol he'd hoped it'd suddenly click in if I was prompted by letting go of my hand or some such - never again! I still cant swim(!) and I never trusted him again either I guess in that instance I needed more contact not less lol but anyway(!)...
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