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It's actually bad PR for both:
Taylor seems both clueless and imature for a 23 years old, eternally stuck in teenagehood;
Harry is presented as a horndog who wants to pressure a girl into sex which is very bad from a young teenager point of view.
Which cannot be a true picture because she has her own private jet, several homes and knows how to steer her way through the industry so cannot be entirely stupid. I don't even think she's anywhere NEAR what she is supposed to be seen as.

Harry either. For him (imo) all the signs I've seen relentlessly pushing this straight horndog image just mean one thing in my book. I don't know what floats his boat but the way he is aggressively repped in the media it seems as if the preferred setting is for a rather nasty, sleazy, reckless person who dumps girls if they won't 'put out'.

Maybe this is the image someone wants - to shift flipping concert tickets rather than just say he's either single/not bothered about dating or he's not what he seems (hint hint). The hammering of such a playa image onto readers/viewers seems quite badly-thought out (destructive) and seems at odds with the rather nice (and quite frooty!) person you see on Twitter and in real life.
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