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I imagine that may have gone through the minds of many women lately, although I'd hope that peoples morals would stop them from doing that - I'd feel awful to know I'd made up something like that, on principle. I'm not a practicing Christian or anything like that but I do feel a God of some sorts exists whom judges me on doing something like that.

I think at the end of the day, if even one claim of rape (or sexual assault) is genuine, thats one too many. What I'm not sure about is if their able to screen claimants to try and check legitimacy, or is that really not possible because of how old the claims are?. There's something very sad if people in their tens or hundreds make a decision to fabricate a story like that, I'd hope it isn't the case but I see your point that it could/would be easy to do so. Perhaps I've been too leniant on believing the 'victims' but in a case like this, isn't it worse to doubt incase they are genuine? if there are clear aspects to someones story or accusation that just don't add up then thats different and certainly worth highlighting but im just a bit cautious to believe a majority of claimants have another motive for speaking up now, other than wanting to be heard, believed and move on after so long...
Its not wrong to question them. They have to expect it if they wish to claim compensation.
People do not all have the same moral standards.
Claiming compensation, sometimes totally fraudulently, is commonplace. Look at the whiplash industry.
If the allegations are genuine then I'm afraid that the earliest 'victims' should hang their heads in shame for not reporting sooner and preventing harm to others.
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