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I will hark back to what may have said, we lived in different times, sexual assualt victims were treated very differently then, also many victims chose not to report attacks by people as they felt ashamed ( it still happens today ) . Whilst in one way I think yes they should have said something I can also see why many didnt. Also a lack of knoweldge about others reporting crimes may have been the reason some didnt go further, if they had known there were others they may have had the strenght to go forward, but the police computer systems did not collate such info then and officers who did know of other complaints did not pass this to the people who did report things

Yes there will be a percentage of people making things up or exagerating but there will be most who are not.
I only quoted the bit of your post with the line 'he got away with it'. Its an oft used line that irks me because its implied (not necessarily by you personally) that he actively escaped justice. When in fact the only people in whose gift it was to prevent his 'getting away with it' are the alleged victims.
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