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Right enough, I was wondering about that...I suppose there are guidelines about that sort of thing for people who work as swimming instructors(?). That is a difficult role to carry out without risking accidentally touching someone if a set of circumstances developed I suppose, if someone started struggling and they had to pull them out of the water or something?.

I used to have swimming lessons at a college campus as a child and I ended up hating this young boy because he took me out to the deep end and ended up letting go of my hand - I still couldn't swim and thought I was a goner lol he'd hoped it'd suddenly click in if I was prompted by letting go of my hand or some such - never again! I still cant swim(!) and I never trusted him again either I guess in that instance I needed more contact not less lol but anyway(!)...
There are (or at least there were) quite strict background checks on people working as swimming instructors because they do have to work in very close proximity with children both in the pool and often in supervising changing rooms.
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