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I am wondering if it's not a 3rd party who doesn't have anyone's best interest at heart, because this story doesn't do any of them (Harry and Taylor) any favour IMHO.
With gossip, you knever know where that comes from anyway.
Sorry if this has already been posted, it's a blind item from a while back confirming this fake relationship and various other details... Amongst other things it says:
Why did they break up? Well, weíll let you in on a little secret: These two couldnít stand each other! Thatís right. They didnít even like each other! Each one thinks that the other is immature and annoying. Frankly, they are probably both right. While holding hands they grimaced in a way that kids do when they think that someone is giving them the cooties. They really didnít like kissing each other (that New Yearís Eve kiss was staged), and they certainly never slept together. Yes, all that sneaking in and out of hotels nonsense was totally choreographed.
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