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I don't doubt that Betty Britain is a perfectly nice person

I also don't doubt that there are people who don't have any particular hostility or dislike towards Katie Price

But there's no reason to be a "fan" of Katie Price. She doesn't do anything, or have a definable talent, or possess exceptional abilities to deserve having "fans"
i myself don't mind Katie price in that you get what you see with her but i don't want to make this in to a Katie Price thread as theres a few already,Betty is a fan on that paticular thread if you really want to find out why she likes her

I think personally with what the OP is asking is as long as there is a demand for basically people selling every bit of their life to the media and trashy magazines then they will stay in the public eye,my personal favourite person at the moment who i feel is only "famous" for selling her stories is Chantelle Houghton,i often think when will she stop but i suppose as long as she has fans on twitter egging her on she will keep churning out these weekly stories on her daily life of her and her poor baby,
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