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Sadly, I don't think she'll be allowed to have any control in her life until she is no longer making money. Her fans should support her by not buying her tickets or her albums, because I don't think she'll be free till she's no longer a cash cow for her parents.

And she can't react against it in any way, or ask for help or even say that she's unhappy, because it can be used as evidence that she's still unstable. She's stuck in a vicious circle. It's in everyone's best interests except hers to keep her under 'protection'.

I wonder if it will last until she's no longer afraid that her children can be kept from her. How old are they now?
Her mother seemed to go to the same parenting school as Dina Lohan and back in the day was always out with Britney and seemed to push her into the limelight. Her Dad appears to be the complete opposite. I remember when Britney was having her breakdown there was those pics/video of her sitting on the pavement bawling her eyes out and all anyone cared about was capturing the moment. Everyday there was new pictures and it was relentless. Once her Dad took over, it all stopped. Somehow he got her out the glare and there hasn't been any more meltdowns since (well at least in public). Having her Dad control her life is probably not what Britney wants but it was what she needed, otherwise I think she would have ended up in a psychiatric ward for a very long time.

Does anyone know what happened to her sister? She used to be on some show on MTV but then got pregnant. Did she ever try to get back in to showbiz after that?
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