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Betty Britain
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I don't doubt that Betty Britain is a perfectly nice person

I also don't doubt that there are people who don't have any particular hostility or dislike towards Katie Price

But there's no reason to be a "fan" of Katie Price. She doesn't do anything, or have a definable talent, or possess exceptional abilities to deserve having "fans"
Thank Ella
Barry I have watched Katie Prices programmes from when just before she had Harvey,... Underneath that veneer is someone I admire..having a disabled child isn't easy and she has done a fantastic job with him..yes I know she has help do other
families... I don't like everything she has done but she is human and like everyone else makes mistakes. I like how no matter how many times she gets knocked down she comes back fighting..
I don't appreciate being called a chav or any of the other things you claim I must be .. Says something about you that you have to put people down who don't agree with your opinion
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