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Same with the actors who play Karl and Susan- 19 years in the show, and all they'll get for work now is appearing on shows with the likes of Princess Di's 'rock', Caprice and ex-Gladiator Hunter. They'll hardly get roles in Bond, dramas like Silent Witness or Downton or ones in the USA.
To be honest they ought to be grateful for that!

They're hardly household names, the Neighbours bubble burst in the UK a long time ago and how on Earth this show has lasted this long is anyone's guess... again had it not been for UK money, they'd have been axed years ago.

I don't see why we should be worrying about providing work for at best mediocre Aussie actors when it's our TV that has kept them in work for so long. It's not 1991 any more when these shows were popular in the mainstream
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