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Wow, how bizarre does her face look in that first Sun photo?

She looks like she's had a load of that latex stuff applied to her face (you know the stuff they use to make young people look really old), but in this case it has not only made her look much older, but also much fatter, with the overall result being she now resembles one of those 50-something year old Hollywood-type women who overdo cosmetic procedures so much they simply end up looking like an overweight 50-something year old freak!

As for her latest *cough* publicity stunt *cough* engagement, well I can honestly say it really comes as no surprise to me, after all it's her usual MO, isn't it? We've seen it already with Alex and Leo...... the media starts losing interest in her, so off she trots to buy herself a tacky bit of bling and announces she's engaged. Woooooooo!

I just hope her latest victim remembers to wrap up nice and warm, as I'd imagine Alton Towers will be pretty chilly at this time of year, when she's parading him around as her latest passenger (aka victim) in the next chapter of her never-ending 'roller-coaster' famewhore life.

Her poor children.
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