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If HMV goes, this leaves the new releases to the supermarkets who will probably start a cartel of pricing while the back catalogue will go to the likes of CeX, Poundland and Morrisons who all sell second hand titles.

Yes, there's online, but there's nothing like delving into HMV's back catalogue in-store.
Agreed, I love going in to HMV and having a browse, even though I rarely buy anything. They're screwing themselves over though. I wanted to buy Suits (Season 1) yesterday... 7.50 at Amazon
28 at HMV

No prizes for guessing who got my custom

If I was HMV here's what I'd do:
1) Drop prices as low as possibe, whilst still covering all costs and debt repayments and perhaps a bit of profit
2) Drop duplicate stores
3) Perhaps look at smaller/cheaper stores
and if things really go to shit I'd look at going on-line only, closing all but the flagship stores and dropping prices to match
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