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Thank Ella
Barry I have watched Katie Prices programmes from when just before she had Harvey,... Underneath that veneer is someone I admire..having a disabled child isn't easy and she has done a fantastic job with him..yes I know she has help do other
families... I don't like everything she has done but she is human and like everyone else makes mistakes. I like how no matter how many times she gets knocked down she comes back fighting..
I don't appreciate being called a chav or any of the other things you claim I must be .. Says something about you that you have to put people down who don't agree with your opinion
There are plenty of parents in this world who care for disabled children. There are plenty of people in this world who face adversity but pick themselves up and succeed.

There's no reason to single out Katie Price for fandom.She's doing nothing that others aren't doing more admirably with greater odds against them

I didn't claim you were a chav. I said chavs are her fanbase. If you're not a chav, but still find yourself devoted to her, it's for illogical reasons that simply don't hold up to scrutiny.
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