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The kids know their mum and dad aren't together anymore so there are bound to be other people in their parent's lives, they don't appear to be affected by this at all.

How do you know she's terrified of being alone? If she was that terrified she'd have clung onto one of the other men
On what basis are you claiming they don't appear to be affected?

Unless you know them personally, you'd have no idea, and if you did, it may not be obvious until later on in life.

I think it is very naive to think that young children would not be affected by their parents divorcing, and then their mum introducing and moving in at least three different men in only a few years.
They have already gained and lost one step dad, who they no longer have contact with, and then had a man who speaks no english move in with them, and now they are getting a new step-dad. It must be so confusing for them.

I usually hate it when people express concern for celebrity's children, but in this case I think it is very reasonable that people are thinking it will have a negative effect on them now and/or in the future.

As for your other point, it seems a lot of the men run away when the reality of what they have got into hits them and the novelty of the flash lifestyle wears thin. So I don't think she necessarily had a choice to hang on to the others.

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