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The kids know their mum and dad aren't together anymore so there are bound to be other people in their parent's lives, they don't appear to be affected by this at all.

How do you know she's terrified of being alone? If she was that terrified she'd have clung onto one of the other men
Nah, this is rubbish. They have seen their mother with three long term men aside from their father in their young lives. I don't care what anyone says, growing up with 4 different men in your lives who all leave 'mummy' and the home will do far more damage than good. It is not normal to have a routinely heartbroken mum going through break ups or getting used to or attached to a man and then he's gone.

They don't appear to be affected because they don't appear to you at all as you don't know them. Few pics in the trashy mags don't count. She is terrified of being alone because she has as much as admitted this and being engaged that many times would suggest she is desperate to be tied down to whoever will have her. 4 engagements in a decade? Lost count, someone please let me know, ta.
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