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I am not naive, they seem balanced enough when they are on TV programmes and THIS is what basis I am claiming this, it is not up to you how this lady brings up her children, is she supposed to remain a nun?

Maybe they will become rebellious in their teenage years but maybe they won't
Your basing whether or not young children have been affected by a stream of men moving in and out thier lives, on how they appear in short clips from an EDITED TV show?

That is more than naive.

I never said it is up to me how she raises her children, I just agreed with Jason and other posters that it cannot be good for them. Nobody is suggesting she should behave like a nun, there is no need to be so extreme!
Most people do however acknowledge that when you have kids, you have to put their welfare above your own.

I don't actually have a problem with KP. I much prefer her to Pete and the strongest emotion I feel for Katie is pity. I don't agree with other posters that she is doing this for attention and money, I think she is very lonely and desperate to be loved.
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