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I am not naive, they seem balanced enough when they are on TV programmes and THIS is what basis I am claiming this, it is not up to you how this lady brings up her children, is she supposed to remain a nun?

Maybe they will become rebellious in their teenage years but maybe they won't

Well yes - on heavily edited TV shows that sell every aspect of their parents' existence. If they WERE affected I doubt they'd show such footage anyway.

She has known this bloke 9 weeks - she has let him into her kids' life without knowing much about him - he could have a criminal record for all she knows? She is letting him into her children's lives whilst the bed is still warm from Leandro. If she was childless then absolutely power to her elbow - but she isn't - she has 3 children to consider. 3 children who are presented with father figure after father figure who eventually disappear - that MUST have a psychological effect on them.

Nobody is suggesting she should be a nun - but to get engaged after 9 weeks when your most recent engagement has only just ended is frankly absurd IMHO.

She will get the attention she craves though.. At the start will be gushing soundbites about 'he's the one, I've never felt this way before'. When he inevitably gets sick of her we'll hear how he 'has a tiny c*ck and was just after my money'. It's all so painfully predictable. She really needs to get some dignity.
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