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Must just be me then.
These firms are totally up-front about their rates-if you don't want to pay them then don't use them.
Even at their high rates they're still cheaper than most unauthorised bank overdrafts. If there wasn't a need for short term loans then they wouldn't be in existence -banks won't give loans any more so what do people do if they're short til next pay day? At the end of the day people have to take responsibility for what they do,there's far too much hand-holding and nanny-state these days.
1. 100% agree with the above BIB.

2. Unfortunately, that company's target customer - as demonstrated by the very cynical choice of Katona as their spokesperson - is those who are unlikely to approach lending rationally and sensibly. All they'll see is the 'fast cash' immediacy and not think about the consequnces of being unable to pay it back within the time limit or the subsequent penalties.
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