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It is interesting that so many people are coming out with the line about "five engagements and two marriages by the age of 34" , when Kate Winslet,who is only a couple of years older than KP is ALREADY on her 3rd marriage,and doesn't seem to be attracting anywhere near the same level of vitriol for exposing HER children to a "procession of men".
Probably cos Kate doesn't do OK! Mag interviews about the size of their respective cocks afterwards for her kids to read.

KP's men choices are pretty grim, overall. That's the only quibble I have with it, that they all seem to have disaster written all over them and the initial 'happiness' will be replaced in no time with the same old same old. Why can't she just get to know someone properly and if it's still working after a year or so, then think about making it a permanent thing, not after 5 bleedin' minutes.
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