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Kate Winslet (who speaking honestly, I find frightfully smug) is a respected actress who has a private life and doesn't sell every last fart to the trash mags. She does not feature her kids in photo shoots or TV shows (as far as I'm aware) and generally keeps herself to herself. She is not a car crash a la Pwicceeeey.
Oh I find Kate Winslet smug as hell too,to be honest.
And you are absolutely right that she doesn't sell herself or her children (who I wouldn't recognise if they walked past me in the street) to crappy magazines.
I was just trying to point out (clearly very badly!) that plenty of other women (for example Kate Winslet) have more than the average number of marriages under their belt by their 30s,and yet don't seem to criticised in quite such a vitriolic fashion as KP.
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