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Oh, I don't think she's doing it for attention and money but I think she'll make damn sure that she gets plenty of both out of it.
Yes I agree, she probably sees that as a bonus. I really think she is desperate to be loved though and that's her main motive for getting married.

For some people, getting married seems to be a symbol that their relationship is perfect and things will definitely work out. You would think having two failed marriages in quick succession, she would know better, but it seems not.

Whilst staying with family over Christmas, I caught some of her TV show Katie.
Katie was at a bowling alley with her now ex bf Leo, and the two men she is always is her make up artist?

Other people at the bowling alley starting giving her a really hard time, shouting abuse at her, in particular the names of her ex boyfriends.
Leo didn't seem to understand much English at this point.
Anyway, Katie was obviously upset and I felt sorry for her as it's probably an everyday occurrence when she mixes with the general public.

From the show I saw, it seemed she lived in a bubble with a small group of friends and family, and is a very insecure person. Leo couldn't really communicate with her but she was desperate to make it work so she could have a happy ending...marriage and kids, and perhaps feel more normal?

From what I have read, once the novelty of the flash lifestyle wore off, and Leo saw how many issues Katie has, he decided to get out.

I suspect the new guy will follow the same pattern. Right now he is probably enjoying the lavish gifts, huge house, invites to showbiz parties etc, and although I shouldn't make assumptions, the fact that he is willing to go out with KP suggests he wants his fifteen minutes, so he is probably enjoying the limelight too.

I'd put money on him walking eventually. All Katie's ex's have said she is very insecure and contrary to the image she puts out, does not like sex and tries to avoid it.
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