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Oh no, it was a good point well made. (I must confess I did raise my eyebrows at Winslet's latest marriage and there seems something a bit off about the geezer rock n roll or whatever his name is) - but KP has made herself a laughing stock to be fair and IMHO only has herself to blame. Also, at least Winslet does seem to have a period of courtship where she actually gets to know her partners rather than espousing love in the back of the taxi home from Chinawhites....
Exactly, The only possible comparison, if any, between KW and KP is that they're both in love with being in love. How they act that out in public is light years apart.

I feel sorry for KP for the simple reason that I think she puts all her energies into the wrong things eg. acting like she's hard as nails, pretending she's immune to criticism, denying emotions, when everything she does pretty much shows it all up as one big sad empty facade.
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