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For goodness sake, some of us have had a free spirited mother and there was nothing wrong with my upbringing, so there is another basis

So NO I am not naive, I have lived it, obviously not in the public glare, which you will now be moving onto and saying, my life is nothing like Katie Price's kids lives.
No-one expects her to live like a nun, but when you have kids, you have to be sensible about the people you're bringing into your home. KP wouldn't employ a nanny or anyone else who would have access to her home and family without putting them through a rigourous vetting process, yet she'll move a man into her home who she barely knows and and give him the run of the place and access to her kids. That's not being free spirited, it's being downright stupid!

It is interesting that so many people are coming out with the line about "five engagements and two marriages by the age of 34" , when Kate Winslet,who is only a couple of years older than KP is ALREADY on her 3rd marriage,and doesn't seem to be attracting anywhere near the same level of vitriol for exposing HER children to a "procession of men".
The fundemental difference is that we don't know what goes on in Kate Winslet's life because unlike KP she doesn't sell every second of her life to the media. She has a private life which she keeps private. We don't know how many men she's introduced to her kids or how long before she introduced those men to her kids. If KP will insist on leading her life in the glare of the public eye, then the public will comment positively or negatively on it.
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