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It's been a while since I visited this thread - I just can't summon up the energy to comment on LJ's drivel much these days. I dont buy the DM and nowadays only the MoS occasionally so I'm rarely exposed to her insane ramblings anyway.

However this piece about Claire Balding is just unbelievable and makes me mad. CB comes across as a thoroughly decent person with talent who endears herself to viewers because she is enthusiastic, knowledgable and personable. Liz wouldn't appreciate any of those attributes as she displays none of them herself. And I see she is still pedalling all her rock star fantasies in the Diary and rehashing the same tired old stories. Isn't the MoS editor bored by now?

And then I read above she got Columnist of Year!! Who were her competitors? I feel sorry for decent journalists out there if this bitter twisted pathetic excuse for a writer got an award ahead of them. I'd give up writing if I thought LJ's standard was what you had to aspire to!

I think this probably means I'm giving up the Mail completely so she has probably done me a favour...
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