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From memory (I read her first two autobiographies on a cruise ages ago, don't judge me, there was nothing else in the entire pacific to read!!) she was engaged to the Gladiator, Scott Sullivan, Dane Bowers, Pete, Alex, Leo and now this new chap. I can't remember if there were any earlier ones.

TBH all those saying she has issues... yeah I got that impression even from her ghost written autobiography, she states she was abused when younger, I don't think she has particularly high self esteem nor enjoys sex but seems to think it's what men want, and then the relationships fall apart when they realise she's not 'what she says on the box' so to speak!

I think she has more in common with Jodie Marsh than she'd like to admit. I just hope her kids don't get too affected by the rotating door policy she seems to have with letting weeks-known strangers become part of the family.

I don't think she needs another husband, I think she needs help.
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