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I wonder how long this poor bugger will last.
Maybe this one's not into that?....

there as something about her maybe doing celebrity wedding planner with Duncan James so maybe she is arranging another wedding...but not hers? (I know its a long shot and she loves a good wedding and all the fuss that goes with it)
Oh, Duncan James. His name keeps cropping up doesn't it?
There's an article saying that she offered him a BJ in a nightclub whilst married to PA. Then after the marriage split, Duncan James appeared in her reality show, shopping with her for fancy dress costumes. Now here he is again.
Feeling a bit vengeful again is she?

I hope she makes him sign a pre-nup......
Yes, poor Katie keeps getting fleeced by men, poor thing. Funny how she keeps picking men with not much behind them. The new boyfriend is her main party trick. They are getting her into the mags & papers. By now, she probably has a year's contract waiting for anyone desperate enough for attention.
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