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Will they even have her back now? She's not exactly shown herself in a good light since she left the show what with stupid, 'sexy' pics on twitter then the ultimate gaff of posing with a gun to her head (in a bra) Not forgetting offending a whole town when she had to live there (obviously under duress) due to her boyfriends work. Then to cap it all her horrendously selfish and self centered performance on 'I'm a Celeb' - even Corrie might feel they are scraping the barrel by having her back nowadays.

I for one thought that she was acting when she was playing Rosie. She was, if it's possible she was acting a girl infinitely more sensible than SHE is?! And I never thought I'd call Rosie 'sensible'
Agree, I think she'd be very lucky to be asked back now. I really liked her Rosie character but the real-life Helen has done a very bad job of selling herself. If she were a better actress, had a broader range, then she might have a chance of getting some more acting work but she seems so one-note that I really can't see it... so much better acting talent out there.

I think I read somewhere on here that she intended going back to college and getting an education. That's her best bet if she wants the chance of a career in 10 years time. But I doubt she'll do it, and will just continue getting her tits out for the lads until even they get tired of her.
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