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Today's spite rant against Claire Balding is quite astonishing ,even by LJ standards.
The thought of Claire ( who always looks immaculate IMO ) dribbling down an old ill fitting cardie on live TV ....well really

Maybe LJ in her Prada this and that should take a good look at Claire Balding.
For a start she has clean healthy hair and doesn't look as if she actually IS BALDING.
I know nothing about horses or the care of them,but it does not seem that LJ's rescued horses are getting such good care when they are constantly ill/infected?
As CB grew up, obviously she will have outgrown ponies.With a trainer for a father I am pretty sure he would know what he was doing,

I think this may be another LJ cry for attention,( like Brick).By attacking somebody who is hugely popular she will get noticed again.
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