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such a shame if hmv goes. there will hardly be any record shops left.

kids miss out on the excitement of going to a record shop on saturday morning and buying whatever single or album had come out. everything is so readily available now.

haha that makes me sound ancient but i think it's true.
You're not the only ancient one, my friend.

I do the same myself and shop around on Amazon, Zavvi, Shopto, etc for the best prices. But I still sometimes use their (surprisingly) good online delivery when the price is right.

And I still like to go in and browse around for bargains and just to window shop.
I got all the "Elm Street" films on DVD for 7, and all the Basil Rathbone - Sherlock Holmes movies for 9!
I wouldn't have seen those unless I was aimlessly milling around in the store, and it's those impulse buys that will be missed.

Plus the fact I don't want to live in a world where the High Street consists of Starbucks - Cash Converters - Corals repeated all done the street!
In the words of Harry Enfield: "Is that wot you want? 'Cos that's wot'll happen!"
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