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BBC1 Saturday July 25, 1981:

17.10 Alias Smith & Jones (Western)
18.00 News with Kenneth Kendall
18.15 Pop Quiz with Mike Read
18.45 Carry on Follow that Camel (film)
20.20 Summertime Special from Brighton - Faith Brown,
Bucks Fizz,Lena Zavaroni
21.05 News
21.20 Royal International Horse Show from Wembley
22.30 Roots 11/13
24.00 House Calls (US comedy)
24.25 Weather,close


16.10 Cricket from Lord's
19.35 News and sport
19.55 Cloch - Irish sculptors
20.20 Spirit of Asia with David Attenborough
21.20 Horror Double Bill: Isle of the Dead,Boris Karloff
22.30 The Telephone Box: Spanish film
23.05 News
23.10 Cricket highlights
23.40 The Crazies horror film
01.25 Close
Pretty Random! And 1981 too! I don't know if you're trying to emphasize a point here, but in fairness, we're talking the summer though it was not at a time of the rave culture, they wouldn't be a lot of entertainment you'd imagine around the summer where TV was concerned.
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