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Before the period of where every other household has Cable and SKY installed, we were obviously reliant on 4 mainstream channels and this was before even before the arrival of Channel 5. It obviously depended on generations and individual interests, but I always thought quality on the whole overran quantity.

Now it's the other way round IMHO - far too much choice and not enough quality as such to cater for all. Obviously, some programmes can't go on forever as well as those featured in it will go old and be away from our screens. There were a lot of the American series/drama the filled our screens as well as uk sitcoms and gameshows.

Nowaday's it's over saturated with fame hungry so-called celebrities, far too many soap operas/ uk dramas and of course the mainstream 'talent' based shows X Factor and SCD.

I imagine those that were around and fortunate to experience the golden era of the 90s and 80s and perhaps for some out there, the 70s are running out of patience and past caring with a lot of the rubbish that's around today.
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