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To compare TV of today with TV of 30 years ago and find them comparable is saying something!

The "main" channels basically got lazy and have failed to respond to advances in technology. Advances which have given the public so many things to do of an evening, even in winter.

The idea that any old rubbish can be put out and people will watch has been proven to be incorrect, as the ratings show.
It's growth and dealing with change over time. You're right about the point of laziness. For me personally, I enjoyed the 80s and the 90s as it was the time of me being a kid and growing up - used to enjoy back then on a Saturday Night, shows like Big Break and Gladiators as well as a dose of Blind Date and Cilla. The National Lottery programme back then was a lot more exciting too.

Hard to explain why it's not quite the same - maybe I'm getting a little bit older in my 30s and suffering from Nostalgitis!
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