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I guess Michael Ball played it as Trevor Nunn told him to and Eddie did the characterisation as he was directed to.

Marius is a drip and he and Cosette are "in love" in the novel without ever having exchanged a word. I am seeing the movie on Wednesday and look forward to seeing it and judging for myself Eddie's characterisation of Marius.

Of course I'm a Michael Ball fan but no-one needs to run! I'm all for everyone having their own opinion.

I am guessing I will like Eddie, just as I genuinely enjoyed Gareth Gates and others in the stage version, which I have seen umpteen times.

But, as to Michael Ball's voice, well, that is something that remains unsurpassed. So far!
Agreed!!!! I enjoyed Eddie's performance more than I ever thought I would....but I've been listening to the 10th anniversary concert cd since I got back from the film...
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