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It's growth and dealing with change over time. You're right about the point of laziness. For me personally, I enjoyed the 80s and the 90s as it was the time of me being a kid and growing up - used to enjoy back then on a Saturday Night, shows like Big Break and Gladiators as well as a dose of Blind Date and Cilla. The National Lottery programme back then was a lot more exciting too.

Hard to explain why it's not quite the same - maybe I'm getting a little bit older in my 30s and suffering from Nostalgitis!
I feel ANCIENT - Comedy Playhouse , Play for Today , Steptoe and Son, The Good Life, Horizon (when it was challenging) , The Ascent of Man ... You should have seen TV when we had THREE channels , in some cases these were around when we had TWO channels. Maybe I have forgotten some dross but can't really recall any programmes today that match these earlier offerings.
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