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Oh Liz. You ask the question "What's wrong with me" but when will you learn? Insulting boyfriends, (whether real or imaginary), is not the way to go if you want to be perceived as a half-decent human being. Phrases like "You have your fat to keep you warm" don't make you come across like a witty, feisty, fun character; they make you sound rude, snide and ill-mannered. A bit like when you trotted out the exact same insult about Kirstie Allsopp (for the second time) just last week. Even your recycled insults are recycled!

Some very astute observations on the comments page today (as always). One person remarked that Liz now seems to be basing the RS on her ex-husband (portraying him as fat, unreliable, unwilling to have sex). Another said that the previous week's Diary had been retrospectively amended after someone pointed out a contradiction!

.....Oh, and I know I'm always saying this, but the dialogue in her diary just doesn't sound like real people talking! Real people don't say "You are Scottish", "We will be almost like normal people," "She has found the open window downstairs." They say "You're, "We'll", "She's". It's a trivial thing to notice but it really jars, and it honestly makes one wonder whether Liz has ever actually taken part in a normal everyday conversation with a real person (apart from snapping at receptionists and insulting shop assistants, of course.)

As for filling the column with inane ramblings about her shopping list and the contents of her cupboard and the things she doesn't like eating at Christmas....I wonder if the DM feel this is good value for money? How much did she get paid for that crashingly dull and pointless paragraph about looking in the cupboard for Marmite and not having tea bags in the house?

The Clare Balding piece is just plain horrible. No less than FOUR snide digs about her dress sense (way to alienate all your High Street shopping readers Liz, not to mention the ultra-popular CB's legions of fans.) And as for the "cheap shoes" jibe....when do we ever even see a TV presenter's shoes, let alone get a close enough look to ascertain whether they're cheap or not?
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