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I'm unsure about seeing the film as I'm a real Les Mis virgin I've never seen the stage show, but I know a few of the songs
I never seen the stage show .. in fact I never had a real interest in Les Mis at all .... until I found out Anne Hathaway was going to be in it.

I had sang a few of the songs at school .. infact we sang There is a Castle in the Cloud .. for our School Choir of the Year song ...

When I read about Anne doing it and then when I heard her sining, I started reading up about Les Mis online ...

Then I went to see it tonight finally - I'd actually been really excited about it for ages and couldn't wait till opening day to see it but I couldn't get there due to work committments .... got to see it today and I LOVED IT!

I thought the singing the whole way through would be a major put off for me but I actually really enjoyed it - was quite interesting and to be honest, relaxing - I enjoyed the music throughout!

I didn't even know much about the story other than the basics ....

The only criticism is Anne's not in it enough - but I realise that's not a true criticism because it's the nature of the storyline and her role that she was cast in .... I just thought she was brilliant!

Hugh Jackman was great and Russell Crowe wasn't as bad as some had been making out ... didn't really take to Amanda Seyfried ... but I thought Samantha Barks was absolutely brilliant!

All in all - I'm totally converted - I love the musical and look forward to going to see the stage show someday soon! ... however I'm also pretty excited about Anne Hathaway playing Judy Garland in a movie about her life - I just wish they would hurry up and start making decisions about production....

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