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1. 100% agree with the above BIB.

2. Unfortunately, that company's target customer - as demonstrated by the very cynical choice of Katona as their spokesperson - is those who are unlikely to approach lending rationally and sensibly. All they'll see is the 'fast cash' immediacy and not think about the consequnces of being unable to pay it back within the time limit or the subsequent penalties.
There is nothing rational about chosing a company because some bloke or woman off the tele advertises it, but we all fall for it don't we? They must be a nice company because they have a nice person in their ad.

99% of TV personalities are available for hire. They are A*C*T*I*N*G. A very few check out the companies or products, but they are the exception.

In fact most people would be shocked to know that many companies fronted by quiz show hosts, chat show comperes, etc, look nothing like their ads behind the scenes. They are actually run by giant squid from seaweek infested ponds. But that does not make good TV.
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