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I never seen the stage show .. in fact I never had a real interest in Les Mis at all .... until I found out Anne Hathaway was going to be in it.

I had sang a few of the songs at school .. infact we sang There is a Castle in the Cloud .. for our School Choir of the Year song ...

When I read about Anne doing it and then when I heard her sining, I started reading up about Les Mis online ...

Then I went to see it tonight finally - I'd actually been really excited about it for ages and couldn't wait till opening day to see it but I couldn't get there due to work committments .... got to see it today and I LOVED IT!

I thought the singing the whole way through would be a major put off for me but I actually really enjoyed it - was quite interesting and to be honest, relaxing - I enjoyed the music throughout!

I didn't even know much about the story other than the basics ....

The only criticism is Anne's not in it enough - but I realise that's not a true criticism because it's the nature of the storyline and her role that she was cast in .... I just thought she was brilliant!

Hugh Jackman was great and Russell Crowe wasn't as bad as some had been making out ... didn't really take to Amanda Seyfried ... but I thought Samantha Barks was absolutely brilliant!

All in all - I'm totally converted - I love the musical and look forward to going to see the stage show someday soon! ... however I'm also pretty excited about Anne Hathaway playing Judy Garland in a movie about her life - I just wish they would hurry up and start making decisions about production....

This!! Summed up my thoughts perfectly! I was a Les Mis virgin too and I was doubtful! Thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope anyone who is new to this will watch it too! You won't regret it!
Definitely will be watching it again in couple of days and also the theatre show in the near future!
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